LTO Network Node
LTO Network is an up and coming Blockchain project with roots in The Netherlands that allows the lease of LTO tokens to an existing online Node.
This possibility offers a win/win situation to the Leaser and Node, as both are compensated.
The Node will stake more tokens and gets higher in ranking and thus higher priority to mine transactions in the network with the result of getting more LTO token rewards to be distributed among the Leasers.
Important note: Leasing the tokens is the same as "renting", you own your tokens and the lease can be started or cancelled by you, whenever you want.
Where to get LTO tokens: The list of exchanges
Swap ERC-20 to LTO Mainnet
The LTO Tokens must be swapped from ERC-20 to LTO Mainnet in case you want to lease them.
The Swap and Lease start or cancel operations can be done in LTO Network Official Wallet.
Once the amount and the Node address is set, the lease will start and the process of earning LTO token rewards kicks in.
Our Node address: 3JsAJR4gJ1j6fmAxjLCrEjLnh2EMZqtnHN7
Track all transactions (leases and rewards included) within our node in the Blockchain.
Conditions of lease
• Payout 95% of rewards of your generating stake
• Weekly payments
• Shared Google document with Lease transactions and calculations
• Our node is running 100% uptime since it was created on 18th February 2019
• Contact by E-mail or Telegram in case of any questions